Brian Harris • Instructional Designer E-learning Developer

Brian Harris

E-learning Developer; Instructional Designer

Brian Harris is the Chief of Development and Design of Brilliant Educational Services. Brian has been working in the field educational materials production for a decade. He has training and work experience in a variety of disciplines including e-learning development, classroom instruction, video production, voice over and narration, and graphic design. Brian loves reading, learning, teaching, classical music and tennis.

What I Can Do For You
  • E-Learning Design & Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Script Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Graphic Design
  • Voice Over & Narration
  • Audio Engineering

Brian Harris: Chief of Design and Development

Brian has an extensive background in classical music performance and in education and training. Those two paths intersected for Brian as early as the 5th grade when he was asked to start teaching others how to play trombone with the proficiency he had gained from just 1 year of playing. Since then, Brian has gone on to work in the development of educational materials for smaller companies and a worldwide, non-profit organization.


Brian has over a decade of experience in:

  • script development, writing, and proofreading
  • video production, direction, and editing
  • graphic and print design
  • sound design, foley, and mixing
  • voice over narration and coaching
  • music production and editing
  • 3D graphic production
  • project management and team oversight.

Brian’s work has been featured at international events, used for new hire onboarding and training, featured in instructor led training, utilized for international legal cases, translated into hundreds of languages, and featured on the cover of the most widely distributed and translated publication in the world.

He has worked as a training coordinator and team lead, ensuring the continued education and development of a group of experienced professionals as well as novice learners. This involved leading group training sessions developing, designing, and producing training materials, and mentoring new hires.

Brian is experienced teaching in both a classroom and one-on-one environment and is also a certified language instructor. (Brian speaks 3 and has worked producing publications in American Sign Language).


Brian has always been a passionate learner and diligent self-starter. As child, whenever he had a question for his dad, the answer was always: “Here, read this book.” This ignited his desire and ability to ‘hit the books’ in order to answer any question or acquire whatever skill was necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

A recent entrepreneurial endeavor of his required self-education in the fields of hydraulics, electronics, chemistry, and construction. Despite a limited background in those fields, Brian ‘hit the books’ and within 2 short years became popular among his customer base for his deep subject matter understanding, honest manner of communication, and impeccable work ethic.

In e-learning design & development, Brian aims to put his unique background and expert skillset, a heartfelt desire to provide the best services and education to others, and his connections he has to a worldwide network of qualified professionals, to good use. While constantly balancing his love of education with his love for classical music and Tennis, he appreciates the tremendous privilege he has to keep working in the field that has always been close to his heart: learning and education.

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